Some sprucing up!

Are you also feeling a bit off since we “sprung ahead”?  I’ve felt awful the past few mornings since losing that hour.  Sunday was the worst too.  Every time I looked at the darn clock I would think how it did not feel that time at all.  Thank god for coffee, tho.  Helps put some pep in my step.  Maybe this weekend I can try catching up on some zzz’s and getting back on track.  Oh wait.  Maybe not.  It’s St. Pat’s and we got our fun neighborhood parade to go too!

So, last week I took a break from working on my flea market items to sell.  That’s all my projects have been focused on lately.  My season starts in May so I need to get as much ready as I can.

To ease my mind, tho, I decided to spruce up a couple pieces of my own.  Add some new life to them.

First item is a vase I bought ages ago from Pier 1.  Back after college that was my favorite place to get things from.  Now it’s OK and I still go from time to time but PB is my place of choice.

My second item is a table trey I found at the thrift store last year.  Actually, my mom did.  I whizzed right past it and my mom pointed it out.  It helps to have others with you when scouring through the thrift stores because sometimes you just scan right over some great pieces.  This piece is right up my alley too so I was very happy she found it.  Fit in perfectly at my home.